Winner of the Target My Rocking Guitar!

Thank you to everyone that participated in my very first giveaway. Truly it was because of all of you that this turned out to be such a huge success in my mind. I am glad that I brought myself to do this, and I hope this toy will bring one child (or more) great cheer.

Congratulations to Tabitha "Tabz" Smith!

Please check your inbox or if you have not received my email then please contact me at mel {dot} bail {dot} mama {at} gmail {dot} com to arrange the final details. If we do not connect in the next 3 days, then I will pass this on to the next winner.

A total of 45 entries were received for this contest. The comments were numbered based on the the order they were posted on the site http://mama4kids.blogspot.com/2008/12/win-electric-toy-guitar-for-your-little.html and tweeted on Twitter.com. The contest was closed at exactly 00:00:58 EST according to www.time.gov "The official U.S. time clock." The winner was selected using Random.org's sevices. A partial screenshot of the winning picks or a complete saved web page is available upon request. All requests should be made via email to
mel {dot} bail {dot} mama {at} gmail {dot} com.

If any marketing or PR reps are looking to host a giveaway on this blog, please forward all requests to mel {dot} bail {dot} mama {at} gmail {dot} com.

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