How I Got Over 150 Free Ebooks on my Kindle Fire

Are you someone who loves to read and just got yourself a new Kindle or Kindle Fire? Congrats and welcome to the club!

So, you have charged it, powered it up, and flipped, swiped, and tapped your way through all the options, menus, and pre-loaded content. Now what?

Well, my first thought was "What books can I get for free?"

I am always looking for free things, and I will never pay any money for something that I can find for free. I'm not trying to downplay any authors efforts at creating their books, etc etc, but my money is precious for a family of 5 with 2 cats to feed.

So, what is a mother with this much on her plate to do when she is holding such a new fancy piece of technology just itching to have it's bookshelves filled?

Find books for free.

Amazingly it is easier than I thought, too. There are a few methods I use to find free ebooks for my Kindle Fire.

Browse Amazon's Best Selling Lists

First, you need to sign up for a free Amazon.com account. I'm sure you already have, because in order to get to the Kindle Store you have to do this. Then in the categories on the left, find "Kindle" and hover over it until the menu opens and click on Kindle Books towards the bottom. Again look to the left column and find "Kindle Best Sellers" right under the Popular Feature heading. 

Now, when the page loads there will be two columns of books. The first column is the top 100 PAID books, so listen well... DO NOT LOOK AT THESE!!

Instead look to the right column which lists all the 100 FREE books.

Now again, in the left column you can click through the categories to fine tune what selections you want to see the top 100 of in the two columns (but make sure you put your blinders on and only look at the free books). I regularly comb through these lists a few times a week. 

I found out an interesting fact when researching how to publish my own ebook. When an author publishes to the Amazon Kindle store, they are offered a free membership for 90 days which will allow them to offer their ebook for free for up to 5 days in that 90 day period. Then at the end of the 90 days the author can again sign up for the membership to repeat the process. 

So, this means when a book goes on sale for free, it may only be free for up to 5 days (but maybe less), and then you may never see it for free again. 

Now to you, a savvy Kindle book shopper, this means, when you see a book free, then get it. Even if you don't want to read it now or in the near future, get it. The Kindle cloud drive is amazing. Currently I have over 150 books on my Kindle Fire itself and who knows how many on my drive (at least a couple hundred). 

And that's that...

How do you find free books for yourself and your family?

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