15 Days of New Years Resolution ~ Day 1

Ok, so this started yesterday and I was a part of it, but I forgot to post the information here. Sorry... please forgive me. However I am sure you got your fill of me yesterday with my 16 Days and Unconscious Mutterings.

So, just quickly, Jessica Knows is having a wonderfully great and helpful series to those who want to get the New Year started on the right foot, 15 Days of New Years Resolutions. Yesterday it began, and I signed up with 43Things.com (again) to keep track of my goals and progress.

Also, I 'subscribed' through 43Things to all the women that are following Jessica Knows series so that when they come up with a new goal, I can cheer them on. Unfortunately, you are limited to only 5 cheers a day I think, so this isn't helpful if you have 10+ people that start a new goal per day. However, I will check out their blogs, etc and keep up with motivating them as I would love for others to motivate me.

So, check out Jessica series (start here to find out more about it), then check me and the others out on 43Things.com, and join us. We are also twittering about it using the hashtag #15DaysNYE. Simply go to Summize.com and type in '#15DaysNYE' and it should bring up all tweets including that tag. If you need help, simply email me at mel.bail.mama {at} gmail {dot} com or tweet me @Mama4Kids.

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