15 Days of New Years Resolution ~ Day 4

Today's resolution by Jessica is "Fight the Frump."


Yes, I said the same thing. Basically it's to lose weight, but it goes deeper than that. Jessica explains it as "having confidence, introducing a little more glamour and fashion into our lives, and looking healthy because we’re living a healthy lifestyle." Amen to that, sista!

For most people, losing weight will make them feel better about themselves. Also, if you watch shows like TLC's What Not To Wear, then you know it is a major DON'T to lose weight and not get rid of your old "fat" clothes simply because they are comfortable. If your body changes drastically, then you need a whole new wardrobe.

I am guilty as sin of this faux pas. I had my son last December, and when I found out I was pregnant last month it was not a big deal wardrobe-wise because I was still wearing (and keeping) ALL of my maternity clothes! Big no-no.

Well, being a stay-at-home mom for the past year, I have been slipping deeper and deeper into Frumpy Land. I only wear jeans when I am leaving the house, and on occasion I have been known to wear the same shirt or sweater over and over. There was also a time that I would only bathe with my son, and still neglect to wash my own hair! I am so busy worrying over every little aspect of his life, that I completely neglect myself. Even worse, I am right back in the loop this new year.

So, I am going to adopt this resolution to Fight the Frump and add it to my 43Things. Being pregnant and already in Frumpville (yes I changed the name, I can do that, I am mayor), it is going to take a lot of extra energy to achieve this goal in the next few months and then keep it up after the baby is born in April.

Well, I also have to spill the beans of my naughty little trick from today, because it goes along with helping me to Fight the Frump. Today, hubs and I finally paid off our layaway at KMart, and brought home all the items. That included the Wii Fit that I have been absolutely dying for. As soon as we make it home, yes, I begged hubby to set it up for me. (Don't worry I will save the box to wrap up so Mack will think that Santa brought it and set it up for us. LOL. She's at Grandma's until Sunday anyways.)

Yay I finally got my Wii Fit!

Although I am preggo, I couldn't set a goal to lose weight just yet, so I actually put it so my goal was to gain weight (yes it lets you do that, and you can change your goal every 2 weeks). I won't go into many details just yet, I will save them for my review, but I do like it and hubs and I have decided to work on it for 30 minutes twice a day (or at least him). He lost 1.8 pounds in only 30 minutes earlier today! Which, if accurate, is awesome!

Anyways, so yes the Wii Fit will be part of my routine to battle my Fibromayalgia, stregthen my mucles for childbirth, and then get my body back after April. I will Fight the Frump of being a stay-at-home mommy.

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