Unconscious Mutterings

Thanks to Mommy Wizdom. She has been doing these and I was curious, checked it out, and now I'm involved. Love this!
  1. Travel :: Airplane

  2. Expensive :: Quality

  3. Backspace :: What was I thinking?

  4. Traffic noise :: Annoying

  5. Now see here :: Oh no you didn't

  6. Vegetables :: Yuck

  7. Chat :: Friendly

  8. Your calling :: Card

  9. Weekly :: Tasks

  10. Oh! :: What?


  1. Ha! Calling card, that's a good one. I must say I didn't think of that one... I love it! Isn't it addicting? I find I can't go without doing these... :-)

  2. Haha yeah it was the first thought into my head and I thought that was kinda funny, but it fit. I'm glad they are weekly, so I don't get overpowered.