16 Days of New Things ~ Days 10/11/12

Yes, I know I have not updated into the New Things, but I have been learning and busy doing so. I have found quite a vast resource while diving into the new lifestyle of frugality. Now, I am ready to share it with all of you.

If you are interested in how to live a frugal lifestyle, and are serious about trying all avenues, then I suggest visitng About.com. I have always loved this website, and they are filled with a vast knowledge on an array of topics.

Right now, I am reading the article called 'Simple Ways to Slash Your Grocery Bill.' At first, I thought it would be just how to coupon effectively or how to track prices, but the steps and articles they link to involve so much more. Also, they put all the information right at your fingertips, so it is now just up to you to read, follow, and live frugally.

There are 10 steps involved under this article and they are:

1. Only Buy On Sale
2. Plan Your Menu Around the Sales
3. Be Willing to Substitute
4. Buy Ingredients Instead of Prepared Meals
5. Shop Seasonally
6. Switch to Generic
7. Buy Reduced Price Items
8. Shop at Drug Stores
9. Cherry Pick
10. Stack Discounts

Simple right. I love it! However then reading under each number, I was amazed and thrilled to find additional and very helpful resources.
Such as, under #5, they have a link to the articles 'The Cheapest Fruits and Vegetables Month by Month' and 'The Best Time to Buy Everything.' Yes, everything! Food and non-food items. This list covers when you should stock up on party, grill, and pool supplies, the best times to buy winter or summer clothing, etc. A very useful tool for someone like me that never had to or was taught to pay attention to those things. I always just thought it was common sense to stock up on Christmas decorations after Christmas or Halloween candy after Halloween. However this list is not just about those items or times.


I have also started a price book, however I found anther extremely helpful website, Uncommon Way to Wealth, that actually has a free Excel spreadsheet that you can download. It has all the formulas, etc already entered (which I was having trouble figuring out). So, all you have to do is read the sample page that explains how it's easiest to use, and then start entering your prices on the Price Sheet.

There are many, many more resources on this website, but I have only skimmed the surface into my frugal living. So, I would rather have all my ducks in a row before I begin diving any deeper. However I have noticed that these articles have opened so many simple doors for me (no key required). How great is that?!

Check out these websites and let me know how helpful or accurate you think they are. And, tell me... have you started a price book? If so, what is included in yours?

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