16 Days of New Things

What do you think of our new look?

I have always tried to make a point of learning something new each and every day. Now these do not have to be big things, anything little counts. If you didn't know about something or how to do something, then you are learning something new. This improves your life skills in many ways.

I want to extend this goal out to my blogging community readership, and if this is received well enough I may consider taking it onto its own blog permanently into the New Year.

So, beginning on Monday, December 15th and going roughly until the end of the year I will post a new thing that I learned or can tell others about each day. The topics will more than likely vary greatly as I have quite a random knowledge base.

Then for anyone that wants to participate, simply comment on one (or more) thing(s) you learned on that day. Or provide other readers with some knowledge that you have to share. Some examples to get you all on the right track: how to get my son to sleep on his own, a new recipe I found, a helpful organization tip, a great motivational blogger, etc.

The only thing I ask is that you keep the language 90% clean, be creative, and have fun. Also, don't feel that you have to post every day otherwise it will be a task that will just discourage you. Instead try and subscribing to my feed via email so that you are automatically sent my new posts. Then you can begin reading and hopefully feel motivated to take part.

How does this sound to you? What kinds of things do you think you would be interested in seeing? Or what information could you share with others?


  1. Well, I'm starting early, but that's ok. I think I just figured out how to use this "Mr Linky". Although I am still not so sure what it's for, but I have it on this post. Enjoy.

  2. Learning something new everyday is... life motivating. I got to your blog thru a link on BlogHer... and I learned a scientific formula for buying Christmas gifts. Nice to meet you.