15 Days of Marketing ~ Day 6

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Day 6

I have not had much time to myself, let alone would I be able to find a few minutes a day to read. So, I will be putting off the reading part of this day's homework assignment.

√ In the meantime I did mange to subscribe too all the blog feeds she suggested. On top of that, I followed any and all of those blog authors on Twitter (is they were there), and made quite a dent in adding others to follow based on their followings. Actually, since I brought this up, I have quite the Twitter network growing. I am not sure what it is because, however I do have to say that it is not very effective. I only get responses from very few tweeps. I wish more of them out there would convo with me or just stop following so I don't keep thinking that I am being heard when no one really cares.

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