16 Days of New Things ~ Day 6 & 7

My apologies for not posting yesterday, I was only able to be online for a few hours when I suddenly was struck with a massive migraine that did not go away until I went to bed at 10.

So, I will post two things today.

Day 6

I found an interesting website that I am curious about other people's opinions on and would like to help promote. It is called CharityAds.org. If you visit the website, you can click once per day per charity and they will donate money to that given charity. The cost to you ~ NOTHING!

That's right, it is absolutely 100% FREE to you. All you have to do is click! So, why would you not do something like that?

They way it works, according to their website, "CharityAds.org turns over all the net proceeds from our Sponsors to the charity whose page generated the view or purchase."

So, what is your opinion? Let me know in the comments below.

Day 7

I am in the midst of a huge lifestyle change for my family. Yes, I am talking about coupon clipping (and using). I added that last part, because I have always been avid at looking at, thinking about, and sometimes even clipping coupons out. However, I never really use them. I would talk and talk about it for hours, but when it comes down to it, we would always be in such a rush I would forget all about them.

So, today I was determined (and lets hope this lasts) to find a method, outline the way, and do it.

I went to multiple blogs that I already read, The Coupon Coup, Freebies 4 Mom, and even $5 Dinners for advice, tips and tricks. I ended up getting led all over to keep finding and researching more, and I ended up at CouponMom.com.

The reason I stopped here is because she has an increasingly in depth database filled and updated weekly with store sales and circular coupon deals. She tells you where to find the coupons, and when to use them, etc. The best part about this site, it is FREE!

She even has a few eBooks to help you get started (and yes those are available for free as well).

So, this is where my journey has taken me today. I am following her advice (possibly a bit more in depth than most) and aiming to really get my family into reaping the rewards of saving.

How about you? What new thing(s) have you learned today?

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