15 Days of New Years Resolution ~ Day 3

Getting Organized is a major hassle for about 90% of the people I know. And yes, I am included. Especially with a newly 1 year old running (yes running) around grabbing things, organization is void in my household.

However, Jessica is suggesting it, and I must adopt this one as well, because otherwise I may as well lose my sanity if I don't get all the papers, documents, etc in proper place.

Jessica identifies 3 main aspects to help anyone get organized (check out her posting for more in depth about each category):
  • Online Organizing Systems & Resources
  • Getting a Good Calendar or Organizer
  • Being Consistent
Well, until I had my son, I could never keep up with a calendar. However in the past year, doctor's appointments, counseling, dentist appointments, school closings, day care, and Girl Scouts with my step daughter have made it absolutely necessary to keep track of the family's activities. A few times I had lost my calendar, however I would always find it under the clutter and get right back on track. I found a method and I have to stick with it otherwise I will get confused.

When I started blogging, I took Jessica's advice to track things using Google Calendar. That did not last very long, because I do much better when things are written down rather than online. This allows me to plan on the go, as well as visually see at a glance what is coming up. I did want to keep up with Google Calendar because it has the feature of auto email and pop up reminders. However I cannot guarantee that I will be sitting at my computer when I need to be. So until there is a time that will actually be more convenient than my small paper calendar notebook, I am just going to stick it out the old pen and paper way.

So, with all that being said, I would like to interject that not only should you be consistent in whatever method you go with, you should find a method or tool that works into your life now.

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