A New Mommy Blogger Needs Help

Being a new "mommy blogger," I am still trying to get a handle on the basics. The past few days the whole family, including myself, has not been feeling very well. Ronin, my 11 month old, was feeling miserable with an ear infection on the same day that I received my flu shot. So, on top of having no energy, I had a clingy toddler and I was being faced with the dilemma of working on my new 'business' and neglecting my son or vice versa.

Now with having such a new blog, I have fallen victim to probably a very common issue, not having many reserve posts and having so many ideas that I want to blog about but no time to write any of it down.

A few weeks ago, I was reading a blog post (ironically that I cannot remember) referring to Getting Things Done by David Allen, and one thing that I decided to adopt was to write everything down instead of keeping it bottled up in your mind. Now normally, I love to write things down, but unfortunately with a clingy baby that will grab anything I am holding, I could not do so. Also, by the time that I am able to write things down, I have forgotten what I wanted to write.


So, at this point, I need a solution to finding a quick, simple, and durable tool to help me record things while keeping them safe and out of the reach of my small toddler, however I still need it near me so I don't forget about it. I know, every mom's miracle tool.

Now it's your turn: Do you have just the thing I need? Or better yet, what do you use as a mommy or blogger or whatever else that is similar? I am curious to know what you other mothers out there are using that maybe I could utilize as well.

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  1. I have a couple of solutions for you. I use Remember the Milk and Google Calendar to keep track of my To Do list and my calendar. Both are free. I also use a small notebook (as I have described here http://www.feelslikehomeblog.com/2008/10/life-saver-in-my-purse.html ). Let me know how they work out if you try them. :)

  2. Thanx Tara. I tried using Google Calendar, but just liked my written agenda better I think, because I could never remember to input everything into Google as well. I haven't heard of Remember the Milk, I will check that out and let you know. Thanks much!

  3. I write drafts of Blog posts directly on blogger. So when I have an idea on my head I type atentative title and maybe a couple of bullet points of what I intend to write about on blogger and save it as a draft. It has been a real time savers for times I have nothing to write about to find old drafts.