10 Fun & Frugal Father's Day Ideas

Father's Day is right around the corner, taking place on Sunday, June 21st this year. Take this opportunity to show the man in your kid's life how much he means to you and them. Here are some helpful, fun, and thrifty ideas to celebrate Dad.

1. Give him a framed picture.

Yes, this is becoming a little outplayed or boring. So, spice it up too... have the kids decorate the frame, have someone take a picture of the family engaged in a favorite activity, create a montage of favorite past photos, or even have the kids draw a special picture for Dad.

2. Clean his car for him.

Clean the inside and outside to give his car a spot-free shine. Do this the night before so he can be surprised when he wakes up.

3. Fire up the grill for dinner.

Buy his favorite foods and get your grill on. Set the table in your backyard with special decorations. Invite the whole family. After dinner, surprise him with a scrumptious dessert.

4. Rent his favorite movie.

Does he love a certain genre of movies, a certain actor or perhaps just one movie in particular? Get a DVD for him! He might have forgotten how much he enjoys the DVD until he sees it again. Gather your family for a movie night. Don't forget RedBox offers movies for $1 a night.

5. Dad's can love coupons too.

Have your kids write out (or you can write for them) special coupons for Dad to redeem for "Free hugs", "One back rub", or "Quiet time". Have the kids help think up ideas of something Dad would like to have a coupon for.

6. Cookies, Cakes, and Brownies.

Have the kids also help with cooking Dad a special snack or dessert. You can spice this up with special messages on the treats, or bake them in special shapes (ties, trucks, computers, fish, whatever else he likes or does for work).

7. Homemade calendar.

Have the kids help decorate a calendar for Dad that he can hang up at work. Print off pages with calendar dates for June this year to June of next year. Then buy some poster boards or even just use construction paper. Have the kids color, decorate, paint, glue sparkles, etc on the edges of the paper. Then attach the calendar pages in the middle. Add pictures on the backs like a real calendar. Make sure they are facing the right way for when you put it together they are right side up. You can attach the pages together with simple ribbon or string.

8. Hand-painted T-shirt for Dad.

Purchase a plain white T-shirt, or take one from Dad's wardrobe (most will have at least one), and have the kids decorate that any way they want. Use paints, markers, crayons, older kids can even sew or iron on patches. Then when they are done (make sure they leave part blank for this) either trace their hands or dip them in paint and write their names under each corresponding hand.

9. A Mom's Favorite for Dad ~ Breakfast in Bed.

Try giving him one of your favorite special treats. Again, you can even have the kids help, or just make sure they let Daddy sleep in.

10. Little messages of love.

Have the kids write out or tell you so you can write for them things the love about their Dad. Try to make at least 12 so Dad will have a new little message of love to read each month until next Father's Day. Or if you can have them make about 30, he can read one a day every month. Place the messages in a bottle, box, or other container and have an envelope for ones he has already read. Once he goes through them all, take the ones out of the envelope and "reshuffle" back into the container so he can repick.

Do you have any other ideas? What have you tried in past years? Let us know in the comments.

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