MultiTasking Tips

I am kind of a multi-task guru. I have been known to calculate many things in my head while talking to someone or reading an article. I have no idea how my mind works so well, but I am thankful it does. I want to share some tips about activities or times that can be multi-tasked simply. No unnecessary mind tricks here.

Simple and quick, there are certain everyday things that can be combined by nearly anyone, especially mothers like myself.

Filing/Sorting ~ TV Watching
Are you like my mother and tape (or DVR) all your favorite shows that are on during the day and watch them at night after the kids go to bed? Well, this is a perfect time to tackle that stack of papers that is always staring you in the face. I sometimes use my bed or living room floor to spread everything out while I sort, toss, and go through my important and junk papers. You can do this during the whole show, or just during commercial breaks.

Phone Calls ~ Dish Washing
Although phone calls can be combined with an array of other things as well, I personally suggest combining them with dish washing. While washing dishes, rarely do you have to think about it, so your mind is free to carry on a conversation (or two).

Car decluttering ~ Waiting during travel
Whether it is waiting to pick up the kids from school or in line at the drive-thru, there are a multitude of times during a commute that will allow for spare minutes to clean up the car. Often this is a neglected part of our day, especially if you live in apartment like I do. I do not have a garage (or even parking lot) to use while cleaning out my car. So, when there are times I know I will just be sitting there waiting, I always have empty plastic bags that I can use to fill with trash or car clutter. Then when I get home or to the store, I simply throw the bag of trash away or bring in the clutter items and put away where they belong.

Hygeine ~ Bathroom Cleaning
I have always had a habit, since I could reach the bathroom mirror, of wiping the mirror down while I brushed my teeth. Now that I am in my own place, that habit has extended to wiping down the sink, toilet, replacing the toilet paper, and even fixing the towels (yes I have a bit of OCD). I have often thought of occasionally washing the tub and shower out at this time as well. So, if you are in the bathroom and have at least one hand to spare (like brushing your teeth, waiting for the curling iron to heat up, or even while using the facilities) use this time to tidy up a bit around you.

List making ~ Refrigerator/ Pantry cleaning
Ok, I am guilty of not following this one, but it's still a good idea. While you are making your grocery shopping list for the week or month, clean out expired/unused items as you go along. This will clear up space for items you need or are planning on buying. This will also make put away time easier when you get home.

Toy cleanup ~ Playtime with kids
I love to sit on the floor and play with my son, and ever since he has become more mobile and independent there is less need for me to be as involved. However I still love to be there. So, while I am now watching my lil one run around and discover things for himself, I take that time to sort and wash his toys (the ones he is not playing with of course). This allows me to make sure his playtime is fun and safe, while also allowing me to stay involved in his days without being overbearing.

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