Weekly Goals

I created a few goals for myself when I decided to come back into my blogs this time around to encourage me to stick with it. I thought now would be a good time to publically post them so you, my readers, can hold me accountable. Please be nice.


I created a blogging business plan with long term and short term goals. I will post later about those and how I created them, but for now I will just let you in on my more immediate weekly goals.

Weekly Blogging Goals


1. Publish one parenting blog post.
2. Publish one home blog post.
3. Publish one business blog post.
4. Publish one personal blog post (this counts as that).


5. Comment on 5 other bloggers' posts.
6. Optimize at least one feature on blog. (finally found a way to get the FB, Tweet, and G+ links to work on posts)


7. Write 2 pages a day in eBook. (more to come)
8. Write one page a day in novel. (more to come much later)

Do you have any weekly goals that you try to achieve? What are they and are you successful? If so, how do you keep yourself on track or hold yourself accountable?

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