I am a BAD Blogger!

All of my readers must know this by now, I am a BAD blogger. I don't post regularly (not even once a month). I will disappear for months or years and then come back (hence, here I am). I don't even stick to one niche.

I like bouncing around and keeping things fresh, but that makes my online status reach a stale mate. I have 4 kids, so they keep me offline quite frequently. I am also now working full time third shift, so that keeps me on an altered schedule from everyone else. Yeah, I know, excuses, excuses... in this day and age when everyone is online and blogging, there is no excuses.

Well, my biggest dilemma... money. That's right... money, moolah, funding, cash flow. I need more than I have coming in now. We have 4 kids, and we just decided to purchase 2 new-to-us cars. The digits looked alright on paper, but in reality it is not panning out to be the case.

So, do you have any ways to make some money? Please leave me any suggestions in the comments below.

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