Frantic Friday: Spring Cleaning

I began my spring cleaning last night in a burst of motivation that is not often prevalent in my house. It's been very difficult with my new babe needing constant attention, holdings, and feedings (literally). She developed colic and for many hours of the day she loves to be talked directly to, nursed, or will just scream due to gas or other discomfort that she cannot voice any other way. I feel bad for her poor tummy, etc, but I also mourn my hearing and own comfort. Hehe.

Anyways, so I had a burst of energy and will power that allowed me to do the dirtiest of dirty when it comes to spring cleaning, the bathroom. Yes, I cleaned our bathroom. This is usually a job saved for my hubby, simply because he makes most of the mess and it is so horribly bad. I will save you the nitty gritty (you're welcome), but I did it. I could have done more than I did, but the baby woke up so all time was lost.

I could really use a good baby sling right about now. I have one I bought from WalMart. It's an Infantino, but I absolutely detest it. It is impractical, loose, and messy to hold an infant in. I would be more worried about her falling out as I was trying to do something simple, like wash dishes, let alone the more hardcore tasks I've been unable to accomplish.

I was inspired to get cleaning by the Get Organized blog. Check out Michelle's 52 Mini Organizing Missions. They look very promising if you are looking to stay organized this year.

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