Trip Tuesday ~ Toting Toddlers

Well, not just toddlers... a toddler and an infant, newborn infant... ack. What were we thinking? LOL

Just kidding, it really was not all that bad. My daughter was a perfect angel, much more than we could have ever hoped for. And my son was just as darling as ever, until he missed his nap time. We ended up having to put him in the back of the stroller and cover it with a blanket so he could nap. The poor thing was so tuckered out from all the running around..

Oh, but I didn't even tell you what we did. LOL. First we took the train (or "T") into Boston. Then we walked about 6 blocks to the New England Aquarium. My son loves fish, but the Aquarium was not his favorite. Being 16 months old, the arena was a bit overwhelming for him. A lot of kids his age running around plus the animal sounds and huge glass windows with ginormous fish behind them... yeah he was overwhelmed to say the least. But we were glad we took him, because he did love it and there were quite a few "Ooo"s and "Woah"s from him. (Pretty much the only speech he really knows right now.)

After that we walked another 6 blocks back towards the train station and then over the bridge to the Boston Children's Museum. Now this was something he was able to get really into. He ran around to every single exhibit, play place, and poster board. We spent a total of 3 hours there. Here are a few pictures of the highlights of yesterday:

More pics can be seen on my MySpace page here.

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