Rubik's World Review

Rubik's World for Nintendo DS by Game Factory

Today I want to share with you my review of Rubik's World for the Nintendo DS by Game Factory. If there hasn't been a previous game worthy enough for you to get your very own DS, I can tell you that Rubik's World will be that one. I haven't really had the time or the energy to play any games (even my Brain Age or Wii Fit), however I am now making the time to play Rubik's World.

I first was drawn in by the creative storyline in Rubik's World. They piece apart the Rubik's Cube and each piece is called a "cubie" and cubie's have their own lives. Cubie's are fun, interesting, colorful, and want to learn new things.

This game offers two modes of play, Single Player and Multiplayer. Yes, it even has multiplayer! I have not had the chance to test that mode out because I do not know someone else with a DS, however I do know there are 3 games that can be played with someone else.

In Single Player mode, there are 8 different games with hundreds of different levels of play. I have barely gotten through 6 of the games, because they are just so addicting I keep wanting to play the same ones over and over.

My favorite game is where Rubik's World actually walks you through how to complete a Rubik's Cube! It shows you each move needed, all the possible combinations, etc to complete a Rubik's Cube. For some reason, I can never get the very last 2 cubes, but I will not give up and keep trying. Check out my video review *coming soon* where I show you this part. I am in the process of trying to locate my real Rubik's Cube to give these moves a test in real life. (I'll let you all know if that ever happens and how it goes.)

All levels of Rubik's World actually walk you through what you are supposed to do, which I love. I hate trying to play a puzzle game and I can never figure out what I need to do to finish it.

My son even loves to play this game... I think it is more about the music for him, but the motions of the little cubies makes him laugh too. I often have to play after he goes to bed or nap otherwise I am stuck fighting him for my DS back.

Have you tried this game or are you wanting to try it? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I don't have a DS but it sounds like fun :) Great review! Keep posting!