New Tool Sunday: Pandora Radio

Have you ever had a certain song stuck in your mind and all you want to do is listen to it over and over again? Have you worn out your CD listening to that one particular track on repeat? Do your friends and family bug you to play something else? If any of these sound like you on a regular basis, then I have the solution...

Pandora Radio.

I recently came across this site and absolutely fell in love. All you do is type in the name of an artist or song or both, and Pandora will create a "radio station" based on that. All it will play is songs or artists similar to the sound you want. I like it because you are not listening to the same song over and over, but instead are opened to other songs just like it.

You can also rate the songs you hear if you like it or don't like it, and if you don't like it they won't play that song again for you! How awesome is that? Oh and the absolutely best part about this site... it's FREE!

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1 comment:

  1. Well don't you just rock for this post? I'm a bit of a music fan. When I clicked the link it started Gloria by U2. Only my favorite band in the whole world. Thanks!