Shapeways' Valentine's Day Contests

To celebrate Valentine's Day, Shapeways is holding two Valentine's Day contests for all consumers and 3D designers alike.

With the Shapeways Creator, you can create light poems and ring poems in your own words, memorializing a special memory or creating a new one. A Shapeways' light poem can be customized in minutes and hold memories that last a lifetime. With a modern and sleek design, sweet words are the perfect gift or accent for the one you love on Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day Gift Contest:
The "Valentine's Day gift" contest winner who comes up with the best, most original and most romantic Valentine's gift creation will win $300 in 3D printing from Shapeways.
To enter: Simply upload your model with the tag valentinegift.
The winner will be the highest rated model on Valentine's Day, February 14th.

Free My Valentine Contest:
Even if you're not a modeler, you can enter the Free my Valentine contest from Shapeways. Just go to the Shapeways Creator, make an original Light Poem with the most romantic text, add the tag freemyvalentine and you're in.
The winner will be the highest rated Light Poem on the 1st of February. So, tell everyone you know to go create their own and/or to vote for yours. The winner will receive (or be able to send) that very same gift wrapped Light Poem in time for Valentine's Day!


Shapeways is the first online 3D consumer co-creation community. Harnessing the power of a creative community and a global network of production service partners, Shapeways ensures the most cost-efficient, reliable manufacturing and order fulfillment for digital manufacturing today. The Shapeways CREATOR has a starting library of pre-designed 3D product templates and is expected to grow to over 100 designs by the end of 2009.


  1. How cute! I gave you TWO blog awards today girly! Go collect them - YOU DESERVE THEM!



  2. I'm lovin' all the V-day giveaways!

    I wanted to invite you to my 14 Day Challenge. It's an easy way to help others and win prizes yourself! I hope you'll check it out!

    Happy February!