Decluttering ~ Day 1

Yes, I will be updating my progress everyday of my decluttering project. I outlined the steps here for this, but in case you missed it, they are:

My Plan to Declutter Our New Place

1. Everything that is not 100% essential to our everyday survival is being moved into the basement here.
2. Each day, I will bring up one bag at a time and go through it.
3. I will only keep things that are essential, and not keep things simply for material or sentimental reasons.

So, that is the plan, and I am asking you all to help encourage me to keep at it. Emails, comments, tweets, anything to keep me motivated, updating, and moving. This is a new year, and I am determined to not force my kids to live in clutter anymore.

Okay, well rant over, this is supposed to be an update. What have I gotten done today? Well, I finally went through Ronin's old toys to make room for the new ones he got for the holidays. Here is a pic of the box I brought over to Salvation Army.
It is hard to tell from the picture, but this box is really deep. I counted and it is about 20 toys in all (maybe a bit more). Not a bad start in my mind.

Have you donated or decluttered anything today?


  1. Great start! You go girl, I know it takes motivation to go through and declutter! That is so awesome of you to give the toys to salvation army!! Another child will LOVE those toys! Keep up the hard work Mama!

  2. Good for you for decluttering. I am ready but not so willing... I have such a hard time getting rid of stuff. It's crazy. But, your plan is fabulous! Keep it up!! Then when you're done, we'll just come live with you - *snicker snicker.*


  3. Thnx Brandy. It takes an unbelievable amount of time, energy, and motivation not only to begin the decluttering movement. But mostly to keep at it. I am working up the energy to go tackle some more of it right now.

    MommyWizdom~ I have been on the brink of becoming a hoarder for years now, and I think my husband kind of was too. However now we have come to grips with reality and know what needs to be done. Then we do it. I hope I get it done soon, my goal is definitely before April. Hehe. Then you are most definitely welcome over any time.