My New Rakkiddo Shoe Wheel

During my move, I finally received my Rakkiddo Shoe Wheel. Haven't heard of this yet? Well, I won mine from Mommy Daddy Blog, and it is amazing.

The Rakkiddo Shoe Wheel is made by Rakku Designs, and it is the kid's version of their regular sized adult shoe wheel. Kids sized or not, I like it because we all do not have that many shoes. My son's shoes can all fit into one compartment, my daughter has only about 3 pairs she wears on a normal basis, hubby has only one, and I have downsized to 3 pairs as well (not including my slippers).

Unfortunately, hubby's size 15 1/2 shoes do not fit in the wheel, which is ok though because he would rather just be able to slip his shoes on and off quickly. He has been doing a great job of remembering too, because otherwise I have a fit when I walk into the kitchen barefoot and step on ice and snow that he has tracked in.

My mom also brought over 7 pairs of crocheted slippers that I put into one of the compartments for guests that come over. I am not going to be very big on sweeping and mopping three times a day once the baby is crawling. So, I will be enforcing a no shoes rule.

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