I Had a Small Heart Attack Today

Ok, first let me say, it wasn't a real heart attack. My health is fine.

However, I almost wasn't when I was looking through the multitude of pictures on my camera's memory card and instead of only deleting one picture, I accidentally deleted them ALL!

Yes, ALL, everything, 100 percent.... AHHHH!!! And of course because I am such a procrasitinator, just guess what pictures were also still on the memory card. Go on, just guess.... What major family holiday just took place? That's right, Christmas. My son's first Christmas (that we took pics and he opened his own presents)!

I died when I saw the "Deleting 100 files" pop up on my screen. What?! 100?! No, I just wanted to delete one, not all of them. I cant remember the exact number, but there were a lot of photos and videos on there.

*Breathe Breathe* There has to be a way to fix this, right? *Sob*

Ok, so dramatics over, one quick search on Google and up pops an eHow article (I love that site) about How to Restore Deleted Files From a Memory Card. Oh perfect, I hope.

Can you believe it actually worked?! Yes, one simple program that you just simply have to download (no installation needed) can restore just about any deleted files on hard drives, memory cards, etc. Terrific. And it isn't even a new program! But it's free!

So, what program is it? Well, if you haven't scooted over to the eHow article yet, I will tell you: It is Restoration available through Snapfiles.

If this has happened to you or especially if it happens often, I recommend downloading this program. I have done so, and have found no bugs or viruses. It also works well with Windows Vista.

Try using this before you do a system restore, because if you do that instead then your files may be lost forever.

Has this ever happened to you? Were you able to get your files back? Or would this program have come in handy?


  1. WOW - I should have known there was a program for everything! I would have just died too!! Gosh!! I just saw you have my two buttons beside here - how sweet! I haven't added yours to my new blog - so u KNOW that is what I am doing now! Sorry I haven't been commenting, been crazy out of my mind busy. 5 mos old is teething I think - I was in tears last night and so was he. I had no clue what to do he was so miserable and he is usually a very happy baby! GOSH - finally he fell asleep after I gave him some baby orajel! Glad I had some!

    Hugs, Your Friend,

  2. Wow! When I first read your post title I thought you actually had a heart attack! Well, I am glad you are ok and that the issue was resolved. I am also a researcher and always try to find the answer by Googling it. Good work!