Maniac Monday: More To Do

I am debating between calling this "Manic Monday" or "Maniac Monday" and well today seems very much like a Maniac Monday, so I am going with that.

We are planning a trip for tomorrow to Boston's Children's Museum and the Aquarium. We have been wanting to go there for quite some time, mostly because my son loves fish, however finances and timing were never on our side.

We got lucky this summer though, because the library near us has free passes and you can use two a day (each pass once a month). So, we decided to take both passes and make the trip all in one day since this month is almost over already.

And yes, we are planning to go with our 16 month old and the new 4 week old. I'm not too psyched about that prospect myself, but I have been denying trips ever since my son was born simply because of the toll it takes on me. So wish us luck, and I will update tomorrow as "Trip Tuesday".

1 comment:

  1. Aw have fun!

    I miss you around.. but I know how much work a new baby can be.

    Take care :)