Home Business Ideas

I have been thinking lately of more and more home business ideas. I am still on a roll with Cash Crate, and I have even made a new blog dedicated to becoming debt free using it. So, check me out there, and once I get my check in March (which I am already guaranteed to get) I will post a pic for you all to see the proof.

In the meantime, besides pouring myself into my kids and Cash Crate, I still need more. Don't we all need more money in this income? So, until my Cash Crate really begins to add up (mostly waiting on getting more referrals, come on all and join me *wink*), I need another form of passive or aggresive income to sustain us.

My newest idea is to teach kids (or adults) how to crochet. My mother taught me, and even though I have never finished a blanket, I know how to crochet and I have always been told that I am a great teacher. The only reason I have not finished a blanket is because of my Rheumatoid Arthritis. However I think that teaching someone for 30 min to an hour a night (or day) a couple of times a week wouldn't kill my arms.

If that idea is not a break out one, I have some others. Such as:
  • Tutor
  • Selling on Ebay
  • Pet sitting
  • Baby sitting
  • Selling baked goods
  • Selling crafty 'recipes in a jar'
Hmm... that's all I think I got for now. Do you have any other ideas or methods you use as supplemental income?


  1. Since I love helping others and planned on offering book keeping virtually i started my own business, Logical Business Solutions at www.logical-business-solutions.com and I offer services such as email organization, blog tours, product reviews and giveaways. I incorporated this into my blog so I get to do both things i love, writing and helping others!


  2. Hey nice blog :) You make being a mommy look cool hehe.. I look forward to it someday! Good luck with cashcrate.

  3. Maybe create videos at home that you can then try to sell via Amazon.com or some of the other avenues to sell (Ebay etc).

    Another approach is creating E-Books that you can try to sell on Amazon's newest tool that OPRAH of all people pushed on her show! Sales are through the roof on the actual item called Kindle since she promoted the device!

    You could do it several ways such as individual instructional books Titled for example: "Basics of Crocheting, Lesson I" and make each lesson a separate purchase for oh say $1.99 each lesson. Also offer the entire set of all Lessons in one book for a slight discount. So $1.99 each, or all 10 for say 9.99 or some such. Just a thought! Good luck in this endeavor and let me know how it pans out if you try one of my ideas!