15 Days of Marketing ~ Day 3

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Day 3

I started this task days ago, but I wanted to post in working order. This day was simple, I was having trouble getting my camera to work and then my recording volume wasn’t working. However then my hubby fixed it for me the other night, and I was able to get started yesterday morning.

Out of the three options:

  1. Start vlogging.
  2. Sign up for 12seconds.tv
  3. Confess in your blog posts, be real.

I am vlogging on 12seconds.tv http://12seconds.tv/channel/Mama4Kids Check me out and follow. :) Also, I am pretty sure that I am ‘being real’ here on my blog, so you could say I have all three of these covered, even though only one was required.

I will be taking a break for the holidays on this and working to launch this new blog at Blogger. I will begin again with Day 4 on Monday December 1st. Also, don't forget to subscribe to my feed to be the first to receive my updates.

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